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"Nova" rising remanufacturing industry

    Let waste products through technical means to repair and renovation, regain vitality, this is the remanufacturing process, which contains the economic value of inspired a new industry -- remanufacturing industry.

   Remanufacturing, the explanation is the baidu encyclopedia, is blank with old machinery and equipment, the special craft and technology, on the basis of the original manufacturing a new manufacture, and to make out a product both in performance and quality as the original product.

    About the characteristics of remanufacturing, Zhu Sheng on BBS theme speech, respectively is economical, energy-saving materials saving and emission reduction, "50% of the price of new product, remanufacturing product than new energy-saving materials saving 60%, also reduce pollution emissions 70%".

    These characteristics make remanufacturing industry a market with enormous potential. In addition, remanufacturing also ushered in the country's policy is good. National remanufacturing technology industry federation, vice President and secretary general Peng Xingli said in August of this year issued by the state council "about the opinions of the" speed up the development of energy saving and environmental protection industry, to speed up the development of energy conservation and environmental protection industry, make it become a new pillar industry by 2015. "This is encouraging news for remanufacturing industry, means more opportunities", Peng Xingli said, in terms of the country, the remanufacturing industry scattered layout, but it is in changsha, liuyang ningxiang) cluster development situation, so the future of changsha remanufacturing will be more competitive.

    Remanufacturing industry not only conforms to the present our country "two type" social development demand, also is the mainstream of the future, with more and more relevant national policy support, manufacturing industry will rise again.